Classes and workshops that I assisted or taught

I have been fortunate enough to be actively involved in educating next generation engineers as a teaching assistant and instructor during my graduate studies. Currently, my teaching interests are centered around solid mechanics and computational methods. Given that I hold the permission, if you would like to access to the course materials for any of the following classes, send me an email.

Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, MD

As a Teaching Assistant, I graded homework and exams, held office hours, and guest lectured in the following classes:

  • EN.530.605 Mechanics of Solids and Materials-I (20 graduate students) in Fall 2022.
  • EN.530.430 Applied Finite Element Analysis (10 undergraduate students) in Fall 2021.

Washington State University, Pullman, WA


I lectured theory and hands-on laboratory classes, graded homework, projects, and exams in ME 313 Engineering Analysis (20 undergraduate students) in Summer 2020.

Teaching Assistant

I held hands-on laboratory classes, graded lab reports and exams, and held office hours for the following classes:

  • ME 313 Engineering Analysis (60 undergraduate students) in Fall 2019 and Spring 2020.
  • ME 306 Thermal and Fluids Laboratory (60 undergraduates) and ME 419 Air Conditioning (20 undergraduate students) in Spring 2019.

Independent Tutor

I independently tutored Advanced Math and Physics to several junior and senior year high school students during my undergraduate studies (2012-2016).