Peer-reviewed articles that I contributed, authored or co-authored


  1. IJMS
    Thermomechanical modeling of dissimilar-material interfaces in composite structures
    S Reaz Ahmed, Methu Dev Nath, M Farhan Amin, and Bibekananda Datta
    International Journal of Mechanical Sciences, Mar 2024
  2. JMPS
    A reactive electrochemomechanical theory for growth and remodeling of polyelectrolyte hydrogels and application to dynamic polymerization of DNA hydrogels
    Brandon K. Zimmerman, Bibekananda Datta, Ruohong Shi, Rebecca Schulman, and Thao D. Nguyen
    Journal of the Mechanics and Physics of Solids, May 2024


  1. arXiv
    A data-driven approach to geometric modeling of systems with low-bandwidth actuator dynamics
    Siming Deng, Junning Liu, Bibekananda Datta, Aishwarya Pantula, David H. Gracias, Thao D. Nguyen, Brian A. Bittner, and Noah J. Cowan
    May 2023


  1. Science Robotics
    Untethered unidirectionally crawling gels driven by asymmetry in contact forces
    Aishwarya Pantula, Bibekananda Datta, Yupin Shi, Margaret Wang, Jiayu Liu, Siming Deng, Noah J. Cowan, Thao D. Nguyen, and David H. Gracias
    Science Robotics, Dec 2022


  1. JEM
    A model for intermetallic growth in thin Sn joints between Cu substrates: Applications to solder microjoints
    Yeasir Arafat, Hanry Yang, Indranath Dutta, Praveen A. Kumar, and Bibekananda Datta
    Journal of Electronic Materials, May 2020