• MMM 101: Computational Solid Mechanics - Module-1
    • Summer 2020: Serving as instructor of summer webinar-style massive open online class (MOOC) offered by Multiscale Mechanical Modeling Research Network (MMMRN), a collaborative research group at Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology. Visit MOOC page here.

Washington State University

  • ME 313: Engineering Analysis (Fall 2019-Summer 2020)
    • Summer 2020: Served as instructor. Redeveloped the course contents, preparing and delivering class lectures, developing assignments and lab problems.
    • Fall 2019-Spring 2020: Served as guest lecturer and head teaching assistant. Prepared and delivered lab lectures, supervised students in developing finite difference and finite element codes using MATLAB, and finite element models using SolidWorks.

  • ME 306: Thermal-fluid Laboratory, ME 419: Air-Conditioning Systems (Spring 2019)
    • Served as teaching assistant for ME 306. Delivered lab lectures, demonstrated and guided students in running experiments. Graded lab reports and quizzes.
    • Served as teaching asistant for ME 419. Graded homeworks, exams, and provided guidance on mid-terms and final projects.