As of Fall 2019, I am PhD in Mechanical Engineering student at Washington State University, Pullman. My current research interest lies at the intersection of computational mechanics and computational materials science across multiple length scale; exploring continuum scale mechanical properties of heterogeneous metals and alloys using dislocation based atomistic description of plasticity. Mechanism based approach to plasticity models allow us exploiting processes to obtain desired microstructures leading to optimized mechanical properties. Previously at WSU, I obtained my MS in Mechanical Engineering in Summer 2019 with a focus on understanding the thermo-mechanical failure mechanisms of 3D interconnects using both experimental and computational techniques. I am passionate about computer programming, learning new languages, implementing mathematical/ numerical techniques to uncover complex thermo-mechanical phenomena and behavior of solids. I also have been actively involved in teaching Engineering Analysis to Mechanical Engineering undergraduates at WSU.

Prior to joining WSU, I did my B.Sc. in Mechanical Engineering from Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology, Dhaka where I worked under the supervision of Prof. Sheikh Reaz Ahmed, PhD to develop a numerical model for interface elasticity problems of orthotropic and isotropic structures using displacement potential approach. Before enrolling to BUET, I completed my HSC (12th grade) in 2011 from Notre Dame College, Dhaka and SSC (10th grade) in 2009 from The Buds' Residential Model College, Sreemangal. I was brought up in Sreemangal, a small town surrounded by myriad tea estates and later moved to Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh.

I find Anthropology, Mythology, and Sociology fascinating enough basides science and engineering. And in leisure, I love watching standup comedies, sitcoms, listening music, go on road trips, read comics, blogs, and Quora. As a foodie, I love eat and cook, whenever I get some time. For more information, check my LinkedIn profile.